HZPC possesses more than 100 years of experience in the field of breeding, growing and marketing of seed potatoes. High-yielding varieties, perfect seed quality, customer support, knowledge sharing on varieties and individual approach are the keys to the worldwide success of HZPC.

HZPC is one of the world’s largest seed potato companies.Our 800 growers located in various production areas together harvest about 400 000 tons of seed potatoes per year. 

HZPC breeders are continuously working on selecting the right crossings in order to add a number of new promising seedlings to the sector portfolio each year. At the moment the company can offer around 80 varieties providing its customers with the possibility to obtain utmost productivity and quality in different soil and climatic conditions.

Exporting seed potatoes to more than 70 countries HZPC realizes the importance of breeding the varieties resistant to difficult climatic conditions. Our varieties gained popularity and are widely-distributed in the South of Europe, Mediterranean area, Africa and Middle East.

Contemporary Research & Development Centre of the company beautifully located in the Northern part of the Netherlands in Metslawier executes research work in genetics, diseases and pests control, various quality aspects etc. Significantinvestments in scientific and research activities provide HZPC the leading position in potato selection and breeding.

HZPC aims to continuously improve the quality of its seed potatoes. New varieties play an important role in achieving this aim, but another important aspect is increasing the knowledge on each variety growth. Comprehensive and detailed information is provided to all the customers in order to help them achieve a higher yield and better quality.

HZPC operates worldwide by making use of direct deliveries through its distribution channels (HZPC subsidiary companies, agents, importers and distributors). In Ukraine it is represented by HZPC Ukraine Ltd.